I was born in Mexico City, on August 23rd, 1986. Since I was a kid, my family (particularly my grandmother) made sure that I was fully saturated with activities. It was not a lot of fun back then, but I now appreciate everything I have learned, as one way or the other, it all has helped me throughout my life.





Music became a part of me very early. I must have been four years old when my family signed me up for "musical development" lessons, playing with a variety of instruments... My memories are very vague, but I do remember playing the claves and the castanets. I also remember being completely frustrated because I could not make the castanets work...

In elementary school I learned to play the recorder and joined the choir. I had a great time singing and our choir was quite good. We participated a few times in local and regional National Anthem singing competitions.In the afternoons, I would have all kinds of activities. On Mondays and Wednesdays I had piano and vocal lessons. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I took swimming and karate. On Fridays I had English lessons. On Saturdays I had informatics classes in the morning, and from around 1 to 4 pm, I would work with an uncle at his stationery store. That was my first job.

I worked around three hours per week and would get a bit of money to buy my own stuff. It was also the place where I could put into practice some of the things I had learned in my informatics course: Windows (3.1), Word, Excel, Dbase, MS DOS. I know... I am so old.

As you can see, my grandmother was clearly afraid of having me home. I do not know what it is that she was so afraid of, that she had to drain all the energy out of me. I swear I was a little angel. Or maybe not... a quick look at that evil face might explain it all.

Evil Kervin as a kid