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Fangtasia Music is the name of my company. It was originally created to serve as an own label for my former band Stacy 16. Sadly, Stacy 16 disbanded just three months after Fangtasia Music had been created, and since I had already purchased the domain for a website and had designed a logo, I decided to go ahead with the idea and use it to give services to bands from friends and, eventually, to the general public.

Behind The Name

Fangtasia Bar Logo

The name Fangtasia Music was picked out of a TV show: Fangtasia is a popular vampire bar on the HBO original series True Blood. It serves as a hangout for vampires and "fangbangers". It is a recurrent place and important parts of the story happen right there.

in April 2016, during a WhatsApp conversation with my ex-band Stacy 16, after hours of brainstorming all kinds of silly names, our singer suggested that we use "Fangtasia Music." Our band concept and music focused on horror characters, vampires, zombies, the boogieman, etc. so the name was an instant fit.


Since the early days, the company has changed a lot. Its main purpose was to release music and video digitally, however; as I moved to Germany, I found some other ideas that I explored, such as offering music production, video production, graphic design and more... 

The website has been revamped a couple of times to better reflect what we are doing and the image we are projecting. We went from being a company focused exclusively on the gothic market (with bloody business cards and all), to a more alternative music oriented one, adding more colors to our logo and our image in general.

After experimenting with new services and ideas, it has become clearer and clearer that Fangtasia Music's place in the industry is focusing on music and video distribution, with some music marketing and booking adjacent to the core activities.

For more information, feel free to check out our website at

Fangtasia Music